The ultimate key to surviving the 4 month sleep regression is to make a plan to teach your baby a new way to sleep. But in the interim, while you are creating your plan, there are a few things you can do to keep your sanity.     Make sure baby is getting enough sleep. […]

Getting your baby to sleep in their bassinet can be, well, rough. Your baby very recently came from a place that was tight, dark, loud, and squishy…your womb! Which is not at all like a bassinet. My hope is that by providing some helpful steps for you to follow, you have more success than we […]

Tips & tricks for separation anxiety: 1) practice being separate during the day – encourage independent play so he reaps the internal benefit of being on his own. The more you can help during the day, the better can can learn to cope at night.  2)Create a positive sleep environment – play regularly in his […]

Truth is, this is a total normal development milestone. I know, it’s not fun at bedtime or in the middle of the night.But here are some helpful tips & tricks! -Put them in a sleep sack -If they can still manage, put the sleep sack on backwards -If the crib has a higher side, turn […]

Calling all newborn mamas! One of the hardest parts about the early newborn days is when your tiny babe has their days and nights mixed up. Follow these steps to get things straightened out!⁠ ⁠ ⏱️ Limit any 1 single nap to a max of 2 hours. Breaking up their sleep in the day, even […]

Does your toddler try on all of the stalling tactics at bed time? “One more story”, “I need a drink of water!”, “Just one more kiss!” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Is every night a constant battle getting your little one to bed? Is the nightly routine dragging out so long that bedtime is getting later and later? If […]

The First 6-8 Weeks Establish feeding & sort out any feeding issues Make sure you are recovering both mentally & physically Cherish these moments, they are only a newborn once Get baby sleep ANYWAY you can Enjoy ALL the baby snuggles         You just gave birth, give yourself some grace. Focus on […]

Interview with Rivertown Moms Did you know that March 19th is World Sleep Day?  We thought that was the perfect time to get some advice from one of our favorite sleep experts!  We spoke with Natalie Homem from Sleepy on Hudson, who shared some great information about babies and sleep! World Sleep Day is […]

What is sleep training? Sleep training is guiding your little one through the process of independent sleep. This is done by helping your baby discover, practice & master their new skill. Independent sleep is a learned skill. The overall goal of sleep training is to bring sleep back into your home. What goes into a […]

What can be accomplished with a sleep consultant? Establish a routine to promote healthy sleep behaviors Understand normal sleep/awake windows & sleep behaviors based on baby’s developmental stages Learn to teach self -soothing techniques Address sleep regressions & age transition related disruptions Understand how to identify & what to do about an overtired baby Define […]






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