There ARE some circumstances where waking a sleeping baby is actually the best thing to do for your baby’s sleep.   Reason #1- Prevent Day-Night Confusion What is day/night confusion? It is typical for newborns to experience day/night confusion, which is when they mix up their days and nights.  Newborns don’t have biological clocks (yet!), […]

  I just want sleeeep! How to handle middle of the night wake-ups is something that nobody can prepare for, despite how many warnings you received before becoming a parent.   And the truth is, if we were told that sleeping in increments of 45 minutes at a time and trying to function as a […]

Signs of an Overtired Newborn Baby Eye rubbing Arching back Inconsolable crying that you can’t seem to cure Not able to soothe with feeding Why Does it Happen? Babies get overtired very easily.  15 minutes for a newborn can be the timing that can set you up for success or derail your entire evening. Most […]

Your baby needs self soothing skills to sleep through the night. This is the ability to relax herself down so she can drift into sleep.  She’ll need these skills again when she surfaces from a sleep cycle in the night, as all humans do. When you do “sleep training” you are removing your baby’s favorite […]

The ultimate key to surviving the 4 month sleep regression is to make a plan to teach your baby a new way to sleep. But in the interim, while you are creating your plan, there are a few things you can do to keep your sanity.     Make sure baby is getting enough sleep. […]

Getting your baby to sleep in their bassinet can be, well, rough. Your baby very recently came from a place that was tight, dark, loud, and squishy…your womb! Which is not at all like a bassinet. My hope is that by providing some helpful steps for you to follow, you have more success than we […]

Calling all newborn mamas! One of the hardest parts about the early newborn days is when your tiny babe has their days and nights mixed up. Follow these steps to get things straightened out!⁠ ⁠ ⏱️ Limit any 1 single nap to a max of 2 hours. Breaking up their sleep in the day, even […]

The First 6-8 Weeks Establish feeding & sort out any feeding issues Make sure you are recovering both mentally & physically Cherish these moments, they are only a newborn once Get baby sleep ANYWAY you can Enjoy ALL the baby snuggles         You just gave birth, give yourself some grace. Focus on […]






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