Better Nights Rest

Want to help your baby fall asleep faster at bedtime?

This one simple change can help your little one more easily settle off into sleep at bedtime.

No, it’s not any kind of magic or sleeping aids, it simply comes down to timing.

I know you you’ve heard it over and over again…Wake times. Yes, they really are important.

Making sure your little one has the appropriate amount of time awake before bed will only bring success to their nights.

▪️Too much time awake ∼ your baby/child will become OVERTIRED. When your child becomes overtired their body starts to produce more cortisol. It’s as if they’ve had a cup of coffee. They get wild! haha. This is also considered their second wind.When this happens it makes it very hard for their bodies and brains to wind down and settle into sleep. Even more, this then causes frequent night wakings.

Eek! No, thank you.

▪️Too little amount of time awake ∼ alternatively, our bodies and brains also need ENOUGH TIME AWAKE in order for our sleep pressure to build. If your little one is being put to bed too early, without enough time awake, they most likely will have a hard time falling asleep. Just like us as adults, we simply would not be tried enough to go to sleep.

The ideal bedtime is between 7-8pm. 8:30 the latest.

So here’s what you can do to help – work on tuning in and finding that ideal window for sleep for your little one, so that their body and brain are ready to settle into sleep.

Here are some age appropriate wake windows before bedtime:

0-6 weeks >  45-60 minutes
6 weeks – 3 Months > 1-1.5 hours
4-5 months >  2-2.5 hours
6-7 months >  2.5-3 hours
8-10 months >  roughly 3 hours
11-18 months (2naps) >  3-4 hours
18 months – 3+ years >  roughly 5 hours

Guide of when last nap should end & bedtime:

3-4 months > 6:00 pm

5-6 months > 5:30 pm

7-10 months > 5:00 pm

11-14 months > 4:00 pm

15-24 months > 3:30 pm

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