Short Naps, Ah!


Those dang short naps. Ugh! It’s like the second you feel like you have a minute, you
hear your little babe start to fuss. The dread! I know, I hear you. LOUD AND CLEAR!

So, what’s the deal? Here’s the scoop –If you have a newborn or baby younger than 5 months, naps can  range anywhere from 30 minutes – 120 minutes. It is completely NORMAL to have short naps during this time. Longer naps will come. This is all developmental.

Babies typically go through their first sleep cycle within the first 30–45 minutes of a nap.

Anything longer actually indicates that your baby CAN transition through this first cycle
to the next.

If your baby is waking up after their first sleep cycle, try the following:
• Create a dark sleep environment
• Rule out hunger (Aim for a feeding schedule that’s every 3 hours.)
• Nap at home – when possible
• Watch out for sleepy cues (eye rubbing, yawns and awake times)
• Make sure your baby is tired enough. (Try to follow an eat, play, sleep routine.)
•Try to give your baby the space to learn how to fall asleep on his own. You do this by
giving them 10-15 minutes to fall back to sleep on their own without your intervention.

Independent sleep is so important. I find myself saying this frequently. What happens
is, when your littles falls asleep on their own, they then know how to get themself back
to sleep when they go through their sleep cycle.

I suggest trying to avoid any sleep props. Such as, rocking to sleep, feeding to sleep, etc.

Need extra support? I’m here for you! Please, reach out. Sleep is valuable.                                                                            

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